Desire is their second album with Ralph records. They bundled this album with no tears. People were having a hard time accepting the songs from Tuxedomoon at this time. But Tuxedomoon continued to write more songs. “Desire” is a mechanical, hypnotic, abstract and nocturnal song. It took time before people accepted this album in Amsterdam city sightseeing canal tour. This song might have so many instruments playing at the background, but the real gem is in the lyrics.


“Victims of the Dance”
“Incubus (Blue Suit)”
“In the Name of Talent (Italian Western Two)”

Sinister Electronic Waltzes

“Desire” is known for being sinister-like. It’s like horror music with twisted fun. The composition is focused on stirring-up emotions from the listeners, but it looks like they stirred fear the most. This song is an eye-opener on how we spend our money on something we don’t need. We destroy our planet for our selfish gain. We rather buy expensive cards than going to Amsterdam using a sightseeing app on bike rental. We’ve been so focused on getting ahead which made us into a body of “selfish desires”.

Reactions from the Fansmusic

This album raised quite a lot of eyebrows. Aside from the complicated composition they have tackled sensitive topics and discuss them on the song. Solid fans of Tuxedomoon love this album because it has a purpose to awaken the people from their ways. They also included a song in this album and shared their story as a band. Overall, the fans loved it. But it didn’t reflect on their ROI even on the promo of sale items.

The Story Behind the Album

Blaine and his band noticed that we are trained to “buy”. Based on their personal experience with their wife and friends, we are so into buying new things. We will have a desired one after another. Consumerism is not a bad thing; however, there should be a balance. It can cause waste production and increase in pollution in Amsterdam main sights. Desire is not all bad. Tuxedomoon also shared some of their personal experiences as a band and how they survive blow after blow.