Tuxedomoon is a band with a great story. Recently, they lost their bassist Luc due to a heart attack. Everyone was shocked and didn’t know what to do. It came to a point that they asked themselves whether continuing is still a great idea. It is never the same without Luc. He was the magnet of the group, a peacemaker, a great musician, and their true friend until his last breath. Losing him is like getting lost in Amsterdam historical sights tour holiday without music and direction. But if there’s anything Luc wanted for the band, it is to continue. So, Tuxedomoon is going to be making music and indulge in their creativity.

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In today’s music industry, it’s a battle between pop and rap music. Tuxedomoon is far from staying in one genre. They are too versatile to be cornered in one genre. This band might not take the path of the mainstream, but they will never get tired of supplying us with great songs. Let’s support their music. Download their songs on iTunes with special discounts. You can also order their album using online shops voucher codes.

Discover More of Tuxedomoon

This timeless band has something more to show us. Stay tuned for their upcoming concerts and gigs. They are on fire to bring the lost years. They still have unpublished songs you haven’t heard of yet. If you love their best-selling albums “Desire”, “Holy Wars”, and “Half-Mute”, it is a guarantee that you’ll love their upcoming albums.