Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown founded Tuxedomoon. They studied at San Francisco City College. Blaine and Steven are a dynamic duo since the beginning. They did shows and performances with little connections.

Their music leans toward experimental music. Tuxedomoon pursues any kind of music they are interested in. With their talent in composing, there is no limit on what they can play. Most of the songs they’ve written are under Post-punk, New wave, and Punk rock music.

Tuxedomoon wrote this song as a way of disagreeing with the policies at that time as underground punk was being eradicated. Tuxedomoon did not do any protest aside from writing the song.

Yes. They have been writing songs since their band reunion. Most of these songs are not released yet.

Tuxedomoon expresses their opinions on what’s happening around them. Their song tackled some issues about consumerism and paranoia. You’ll hear about existential hives of our society.

We are not selling items as of now. This site is created to unite Tuxedomoon’s fans. Memorabilia are available at their concert site.