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The acclaimed biography of legendary band Tuxedomoon

"astonishingly exhaustive a history as could possibly be imagined". The Wire, July 2008

"a treasure trove of information" - OOR magazine, August 2008

"Corbisier has received access to everything [...] and lets the story unfold with pert analysis and insight" - The Record Collector, July 2008

"You will find just about everything here about Tuxedomoon" - Westzeit (Germany), August 2008

Tuxedomoon is an extraordinary band, with an unlikely history spanning three decades. The band have been transgressing musical boundaries in a reckless and deliberate fashion. From San Francisco punk to a score for a Béjart ballet, Tuxedomoon have explored the farthest recesses of the musical spectrum without ever losing their unique identity or focus. Following a period of refreshed Tuxedomoon activity, Isabelle Corbisier has published their definitive biography. Corbisier camped out with the band for no less than seven years, becoming close friends with its members in the process, and to say that the result is hugely impressive would be an understatement. The book reflects the band's antics perfectly: from completely focused to going off at an angle, it all really makes sense in the end, and what's more, it's the most captivating band biography I've read in years. A thoroughly balanced inside view of SF's golden years in the late seventies, a concise treatise on situationalism, or a hilarious description of a concert in Dachau, this book has it all. It will certainly keep you informed, entertained and even provoked, also if you're only vaguely familiar with the band.  To be digested in a three-day binge or over a period of months, depending or your taste. Just be sure to order it right now.


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